customized to your life

For the experienced lifter who needs a refreshing change, the Tailored & Toned program offers an 8 week strength training program customized for your goals and season of life.


$10/week for 8 weeks


what's included

  • Eight week weightlifting and HIIT program tailored for your goals and season of life
  • Personalized macro calculation, if desired
  • Assessment to discuss how many days to workout, what to train, access to equipment, personal and nutrition goals
  • Private video library for easy access to form help
  • Weekly emails for accountability and to check in
  • Instagram group of fellow SoulStrength sisters to cultivate community and to be encouraged and refreshed in this crazy, sometimes over the top fitness world

words from fellow sisters

both creative and challenging

"I was in a workout rut coming into my second pregnancy, and joining Soul Strength Sisters has revived my gym experience in the best way! Jenny really made an effort to understand my background and come up with a workout plan that was both creative and challenging, and she tailored exercises seamlessly to fit with my capabilities throughout the pregnancy. She's always just an email away when I need a video form check or just some words of encouragement. Since I work out alone, having a virtual network of like-minded strong ladies has made all the difference in keeping strength training a positive part of my routine!"

— M.N.

a community of sisterhood for a greater good

When I found SoulStrength Sisters, I truly found a community of sisterhood for a greater good. The programs they provide go beyond weightlifting plans and weekly reflections. Yes, those items provide a great value, but what makes SoulStrength uniquely special is the custom-designed workouts that are a perfect fit for me, and the direct human contact within the community. Emily and Jenny work from the heart, and they listen, understand, and deliver just what you need to be successful.

SoulStrength has helped me recover confidence in my body after having two babies and gaining quite a bit of pregnancy weight. I’ve learned new skills I didn’t even know I wanted to learn at age 40, and I have a confidence in the weight room now that also transcends to other parts of my life. I feel challenged, fulfilled and grateful. 

After completing the Back2Basics program, I stayed on for the Tailored & Toned plan, and I’m so thankful I did. I received new and challenging exercises along with some of my favorites I already know. I love showing up to the gym and knowing my workout will be challenging
and fulfilling - and I didn’t have to think about it. I can easily measure my gains as I get stronger and I have the comfort knowing that I’m not in it alone. I highly recommend this program!  

— E.H.