so as to win

We all know that strength training and stretching will up our running game, decrease injury and increase our overall health, but how do we fit it in between ALL the running we love? So As to Win was crafted specifically for runners who want to reap all the benefits of cross training without wasting precious time researching the how, the what, and the when. With just 15-30 minutes two days per week, plus 8 minutes of stretching and core daily, we make that elusive cross training regimen a breeze for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced runner or somewhere in between. We can’t forget the community and spiritual life, so we’ve created beautiful, meaningful content each week (with the help of uh-mazing Instagram runner friends) to not only help you run the earthly but also the heavenly race well. Send us an email or click the I’M I’N button below to get started.

 what’s included

9-week cross-training plan for runners

2 days per week of strength training workouts

Stretching and deep inner core video

Follow along videos to be completed at home

Equipment needed: 1 set of 5-10 pound dumbbells and a glute band


$45 total (that’s only $5/week)