a little soul and a little strength for the time you need it most

We know what it's like to be in the postpartum phase of life - retrospectively, it's sweet and fleeting, but when you are in the thick of it, it is exhausting and emotional.  Our postpartum package combats this with gentle, guided workouts that can be modified for the 6 week postpartum woman itching to "get back in shape" or be turned up a notch for the 6 month postpartum woman who doesn't know where to start.  Has it been six years since you had that babe?  No judgment here!


$100 for the full 9 weeks

what's included

  • 9-week healing and strength recovery plan 3 exercise plans, 3 weeks each

  • 3 at home workouts per week

  • Nutrition basics and simple example meal plans and tips

  • Access to our video library with full workouts from the plan

  • Inner core recovery video for intensive core repair

  • Post Partum warm up video


  • Weekly emails with reflections and motivation – with personal coaching by email, expect a reply within 24-hours except on Sundays

  • Instagram group of SoulStrength Sisters for fellowship and accountability

what you’ll need:

  • 5 and 10 pound dumbbells

  • Resistance band

  • Optional: foam roller

  • Yoga mat

words from fellow sisters

healing in body and heart

"Going into my second pregnancy, I wanted to be more proactive with my postpartum recovery, and I'm so thankful I did SoulStrength Sisters' gentle postpartum plan.  Emily and Jenny are amazing mothers themselves, and they know how challenging the post baby time can be.  I felt inspired and encouraged to slowly regain strength: mind, body, and soul.  Working through the program, I was surprised by how much healing I experienced in my heart as well.  I loved it so much I continued on to 'Back2Basics,' and I've never felt stronger in the whole sense of the word."


amazed at the gains, strength-wise

"Running is something that's been a huge part of my relationship with my husband since day one.  We've relied on running to keep us physically fit, even through the third trimester of my first pregnancy.  However, postpartum I became discouraged at the lack of results with my old routine, and I nearly gave up running entirely.  After my second baby was born, I knew I had to do something different.  SoulStrength has empowered me to reshape my body through nutrition and strength training, beginning at six weeks postpartum.  I've been amazed at the gains (strength-wise) and losses (weight-wise) this time around.  Through detailed workout plans, meal plans and thoughtful weekly reflections, Emily and Jenny have given me the tools I needed to refocus my health journey!  Better still, my husband has joined me in the gym and it's allowed us to regain the connection that was lost when I quit running.  Oh, and somehow all of this has re-inspired my interest in running, too!"


weave faith and prayer into all that they do

I discovered SoulStrength Sisters 3 months after giving birth to my son and I’m so glad I did. As a new, young mother, I felt somewhat isolated and unsure of how to get back into good, healthy physical and emotional shape. Emily and Jenny gave me the knowledge, guidance, and motivation I needed to tackle not just my physical goals, but also my spiritual ones. I was so pleased with how the Postpartum Workout Plan slowly and gently strengthened my core while still allowing my body to heal from labor. What I love most about Soul Strength, though, is the way in which Emily and Jenny weave faith and prayer into all that they do. They both personally prayed for me and my individual intentions and were genuinely invested in my physical and spiritual wellbeing. I learned to love my body, to be good to it at every stage, and to cherish the gift that it is. There is truly no one else out there like them!