H&H Day 1

Here's your first workout of three for the Heart&Hustle program.  These are follow along videos in real time, so you can do the workouts with us.  Press pause in between sets and take a 1 minute rest before starting the next set.  Try to go through this video three times through, recording the number of reps that you get for each exercise.  We want you to be able to improve your workouts each week by getting one more rep.  This is how we get stronger.  We had so much fun making these workouts for you so we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 

H&H Day 3

This is Heart&Hustle day 3.  Try to repeat this workout three times through.  Stick to the Heart&Hustle plan for at least 8 weeks.  We live in a culture where we always want something new, exciting and different, but if we can just stick with one thing and practice for awhile, we will see improvement and that is much more motivating than just doing something new all the time.  Thanks so much for working out with us!!