Where to begin... where did we begin?

Oh hey there! We all have to start somewhere and with this very first blog post, we thought we'd begin with our beginning.  We have so many things to tell you, and if you were in one of our living rooms, we'd be asking you all about your whole life story, talking your ear off about our own ups and downs with fitness and getting all philosophic about whether it's ok, as Christ followers, to want to look good. All of this over the din of seven children running around.

We'll get to all of those topics and more, soon enough, but today, as we approach our one year anniversary as a real, itty bitty baby business, we want to reflect on what we did not do and what God did do to create SoulStrength Sisters.  

Some Background:  Jenny and I had been early morning running partners turned weight-lifting partners for some time, and we loved what lifting was doing for our bodies and our confidence.  Moreover, as we navigated the testosterone-filled weight room (which decreases in intimidation over time, ladies, I swear!) we began to explore more and more the connections of our bodies and souls without being a slave to food or the scale or the weight room or the mirror. 

Around this time, I was asked to become a fitness coach of a well-known organization.  While it wasn't a good fit for several (hundred) reasons, it did perk my interest and tug at my heart.  Maybe I did have what it takes to encourage women in weight lifting - and just maybe - it's what I needed to stay grounded in the crazy fitness world.  But I knew I couldn't do it alone, nor did I want to!  It was then that I asked Jenny to join me, and SoulStrength began.


It didn't happen overnight, or in a few weeks.  Jenny and I knew our first obligation was our vocation as wives and mothers, and we also weren't concerned that we weren't necessarily the 'hustling' type.  If we were truly placing our hearts and bodies and families in God's hands, we knew we could trust Him with our little seedling of a business.  Through lots of prayer, mulling it over, Ignatian discernment, and over-analyzing during backyard HIIT workouts, playdates, and double dates, we decided to just start.  

At first, we envisioned an early morning bootcamp biz...but those doors quickly closed, and we were left with the thing we really loved: lifting weights and cultivating community.  We have LOVED the flexibility remote coaching has given us and the community that's sprung up with it.  We never could have imagined where God would bring us this past year and who we would get to meet, uplift and befriend along the way.  We can't wait to see the beautiful way He'll lead us next.

Until next time, (because who really starts blogging ten years too late?!  Apparently:)

Emily and Jenny