clothed in strength

For the newbie-to-the-gym or a pro who needs a refresher, the Back2Basics Bundle is a gym strength training plan designed to give you the confidence you need in a testosterone-filled weight room and the strength to prove you belong there.



$150 for the full 12 weeks 


what's included

  • 12 week weight lifting program

  • 3 exercise plans, 4 weeks each

  • 3 to 4 workouts per week

  • Access to private video library for exercise form help

  • Glossary of weight lifting terms

  • Visual dictionary of equipment

  • Individual assessment and personalized macro suggestion of daily caloric intake



  • Nutrition basics

  • Simple example meal plan, recipes, and tips

  • Weekly emails with reflections and motivations

  • Personal coaching by email - we will respond in 24 hours except Sundays





words from fellow sisters

strengthens the body and soul

“Joining the SoulStrength community was one of the best decisions I made for myself!  I grew up playing sports and I am a consistent gym-goer but over the last year I was really desiring more from my workouts.  As soon as I talked to the ladies at SoulStrength and learned about the plan, I knew I would not only be strengthening my body, buy my soul.  Eleven weeks later and it could not be more true!  The plans are tailored to my specific goals and desires and the amazing community not only hold me accountable but encourages me both in the gym and in my spiritual life.  From my first weight training in the gym to now I have become stronger and leaner- more than I ever though possible!”

— E.M.

structure, accountability, and confidence

"I played soccer throughout high school and college.  I worked out before and after my first child…but I got in a slump before my second baby was born and I could not motivate to work out anymore.  The thought of going to the gym for 30-60 minutes and running or getting on the elliptical made me sick.  SOOO BORING!

My 2nd baby was born in May of 2017 and I found Soul Strength Sisters shortly after.  I explained my apprehension about lifting heavy weights.  I didn’t want to get injured and I didn’t want to bulk up.  It’s been just over a year of consistently working out “remotely” with Soul Strength Sisters.  I have never felt more fit and also more lean.  More than that, they have given me the structure I have needed to get it done.  Kids or no kids, single or married…if you need a kick in the butt, Emily and Jenny are your ladies. 

— K.C.